About Capax

Capax Recruitment is the leading Danish recruitment agency and HR-consultancy for companies who employ engineers or technical- and IT-specialists. Capax are specialised in finding and recruiting engineers, technical experts and middle managers. We consult on recruitment processes, talent development and run in-house discovering and charting of international talent pools. Capax recruit both nationally and globally. At Capax we have a unique focus on – and understanding of – industries like energy, infrastructure and various manufacturing industries, to name but a few.
Capax is an independent subsidiary of Mediehuset Ingeniøren (The Engineer), which is owned by IDA (2/3) and the pension funds DIP and ISP (1/3).  IDA is an interest organization for academics with an education in the technical or natural scientific fields. IDA has more than 88,000 members and around 300 employees. This means that Capax is part of Denmark’s biggest and strongest organisation in the field of engineering and natural sciences.